Electrical Safety Audit

We provide excellent electrical audit service / Electrical Safety Audit Services for identifying the potential of electrical hazard to protect / minimize the loss of life and property. Electricity makes human life very comfortable but it can prove to be very dangerous if the circuits are not properly protected. The electrical safety audit is being carried out as per OISD-137 guideline & as per Indian Electricity rule- 1956.

Electrical Studies:

Electrical safety Audit — Maximum Power Demand analysis — Hazardous area classification — Inspection of Explosion proof fittings.

Scope of Work:

  • Physical inspection of all the electrical installations.
  • Electrical hazard identification.
  • Insulation resistance test/ polarisation index test of cable & motor.
  • Check for healthiness of earth resistance.
  • Test of lightning protection system.
  • Testing and Certification of HT/LT Protective relays for Electrical Installations.
  • Flameproof / weatherproof protection.
  • High Vibration Testing of Motors.