Underground Cable Fault Locating Services

Basically, it’s a hole, or a crack, burning through the cable.

Underground cable faults can present themselves as a minor inconvenience to private dwellings or a major — and expensive — problem to locate and rectify for commercial and industrial facilities. Our engineer can significantly reduce any problems associated with cable faults by utilizing advanced radio detection locators to locate down to earth cable faults and pinpoint exactly where the fault it. Our radio detection locators allow us to obtain information about the exact location and depth of the fault without placing over stress on the cable. We’re also equipped to handle multiple cable faults at one time.

We understand your urgency and make it our priority to be on site quickly, pinpointing the cable fault and enabling you to resume operation with minimal business interruption. Whether your cables are underground, buried, concealed on cable trays and ladders… if there’s any kind of fault or discontinuity, our specialized equipment can find it. An unexpected blackout due to a cable failure and the associated downtime can cost businesses thousands of rupees per hour. Take the guesswork out of it and call Electrical Testing Company to locate that mysterious cable fault. Using modified “Murray Loop”, Time Domain Reflectometer [TDR], “Popeye” & “Thumper” and the benefit of years of experience, Our Company in most cases pinpoint the trouble spot.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Technical Specification of Fault Locator

We also help residential customers quickly, accurately, and affordably locate underground or concealed cable faults on their property.

“Our Cable Fault Location Service can

save money on repairs by quickly

finding the problem and avoiding

expensive re-running of cable.”

“Whether it’s electrical or

communication cable, call us

before you give up and re-run it.”

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